Smart sunglasses amazing features - ray ban aviators sale

Posted:02 October, 2014

Smart Dreaming. It does not need batteries, no buttons, switches, light drive, and light shading, completely intelligent. It can automatically adjust the lens color shades according to changes in the strength of the sun, so that the wearer is always in the most comfortable visual state of flux. Too smart to wear color mirrors may at any time (including noon) generally do not look directly at the sun as the moon glare clear, this is the tradition of any brand sunglasses ray ban aviators sale can not be done.

Wear sunglasses to drive in case of rain! - ray ban sunglasses sale

Posted:30 September, 2014

One day, by chance from a friend say that the police, in which case, we might wear ray ban sunglasses sale, any style can be, then magical things happen friends ~ ~ ~ Suddenly, originally as large as mad beans vent bottom, cover almost all sight downpour, seem to have become missing, the eyes can see, only the front of the vehicle, both clear and do not have to worry about blurred ......

Fanfan pregnancy Xian Chen states appeared close interaction with the beauty partner - ray ban sale

Posted:29 September, 2014

Western Network ANGELES September 27, "black" Chen states before carrying idol group "black girl" member Huang Wei-ting (stage name Apple) unveiled in Xi'an for the brand to help out. The same day, dressed in casual black Chen states debut full sunglasses ray ban sale concealed, his second coming in Xi'an, Xi'an praising good: "Every time I come over there is not the same progress."

Brown + Green polarizer polarizer which is suitable to wear on rainy days? -ray ban sale uk

Posted:28 September, 2014

During the test, the vehicle's rainfall is not large, but the formation of raindrops on the glass or in some watermark to the car in front, although you can see, but the outline is still somewhat vague, but after wearing brown polarizer, this situation greatly eased , things around can be relatively easy to distinguish the outline of sight situation better. In order to do better contrast, rainfall in almost the same situation, we have tried on a dark green polarizer, compared to the tinted glasses ray ban sale uk, the glasses wearing dark green, darker ambient light. Outline of the distant location of the same car can see, but the details are not clearly distinguishable.

Concave shape necessary sunglasses - ray ban uk sale

Posted:27 September, 2014

A reference to the fall of the first people to think of the jacket. As autumn coat most representative wild-type single product, namely insulation and stylish, do both.

So when you wear a jacket with what kind of sunglasses ray ban uk sale should do? Casual yet offbeat pattern sunglasses is the best first.

TVXQ Yunho a beggar army green jacket and denim shorts, wearing sunglasses Military pattern, showing the full tidal range of children's airport.