Sunglasses production base eligibility re-eva luation by the National - ray ban sale

Posted:22 October, 2014

Three glasses in the nationally recognized manufacturing base in Zhejiang, Guangdong and Xiamen, Xiamen is known to produce sunglasses and abroad. Recently, Xiamen City, Fujian Province, "China sunglasses production base" title by China Light Industry Federation eva luation group re-eva luation, to retain the 2009 made ??"Chinese sunglasses ray ban sale production base," the title of qualification.
According to reports, the eva luation group to inspect the city to the odd, Cheng Yi, Sino Trade and other eight producers and technical support capabilities Xiamen City Product Quality Supervision, Inspection and homes.

Relationship sunglasses and face the - ray ban sale uk

Posted:21 October, 2014

For that facial contours face recently, including the star has also been widespread concern ordinary people. Especially when wearing sunglasses ray ban sale uk, over-prominent cheekbones below the frame will stick to the face, the whole unsightly.

A well-known orthopedic Korea expert explains: "too sudden cheekbones give people the feeling of a man and a strong character, so it is best cheekbones and narrow side 45 degrees cheekbones, before you need a little plump cheekbones to create a good face. "

Charm Cat Eye Sunglasses - female stars who love - ray ban uk sale

Posted:20 October, 2014

Cat's eye sunglasses ray ban uk sale charm female stars also love a single product. If you are tired of the usual monotonous style, suggested that it might demonstrate it Bewitched, build charm full of personality style bar. Cat eye sunglasses and leather single product as the best combinations, can easily create cool feeling full Catwoman image.

Hurry autumn sunshine wearing sunglasses - ray ban aviators sale

Posted:18 October, 2014

Let me talk a round face. The best choice for the students round face slightly curved slender frame to reconcile the overall feeling. Of course, not too mellow. The detail is added to the edges in the streamlined, face type, and can be appropriately soft in feeling. In addition, the frame also choose a relatively large models ray ban aviators sale, compared to the principles we all know, the bigger the frame, the more significant the small face.

Besides national character face. Although a variety of ladies on the Internet should be sharpened chin transsexuals star bolted to the road, but Wallace-style aesthetic really more suitable for some women.

Smart sunglasses will sooner or later become inseparable part of our lives -ray ban sunglasses sale

Posted:17 October, 2014

In the best condition after repeated appearance of the design is the research and testing, ergonomic design details at the R & D team by k2 cooperate fully with sports, travel, leisure, driving process used, showing the final try experience ray ban sunglasses sale.
As a science and technology development trend, wearable devices will sooner or later become inseparable part of our lives, because it represents is the future. How can effectively use technology to change lives, and how technology has brought us to maximize the convenience of our technology has been widely Best goal.