Intelligent fashion sunglasses detailed eva luation - ray ban sunglasses sale

Posted:27 November, 2014

Take two inside the package design, the upper tray is equipped with the frame, and the surface has explained in various parts of the glasses; lower is removable accessory lenses and patchwork, including a charging cable, two headphone (single pair of headphones + one pair of headphones), paper-wrapped manuals, pouch and a polarizing test paper. After just like a lens fitted sporty black super cool ray ban sunglasses sale, high force lattice wells, it has not put people unlimited reverie wearer cool and manners. If only as a pair of sunglasses styles, K2 K1 in appearance than the old and make a considerable volume streamlined, lighter and more prominent contours of the face, I believe it will get a lot of male friends in love at first sight.

Autumn refreshing mix should have a bright spot - ray ban sale

Posted:26 November, 2014

White sweater from a good friend of the brand HOLAN, the material is somewhat similar to the feeling of the wetsuit material, the material is more popular in recent years. Simple white, so with easier and more secure. If you feel a little too simple with the dull, you can also devote some thought on small accessories, such as sunglasses ray ban sale with camouflage color, this does not hide the sunglasses from a good friend "Ray Ban Ray Ban," I would choose this sunglasses to today, with this body because the site is entirely in this body with the sunglasses and clothing, accessories very harmonious colors, no jumping, but also gives a very reflective mirror shine feeling.

GIORGIO ARMANI glasses series launched in autumn gray flannel frame sunglasses -ray ban sale uk

Posted:25 November, 2014

A "soft revolution" is changing the Giorgio Armani style language, but the essence of vitality, sophistication and timeless beauty of it as ever.

In autumn and winter women's clothing GIORGIO ARMANI 2014-15 series as inspiration, this innovative use of sunglasses ray ban sale uk on the season's hot T-Taiwan show gray flannel fabric. This enduring, wild temperament retro fabric, using the perfect wrap the entire frame cropping, contrast with the rich green lenses.

Lightning Slim thin coat to wear so - ray ban uk sale

Posted:24 November, 2014

To grace, but also temperature, then wear Slim coat it! Slim warm coat with high heels or boots and even casual shoes sneakers are completely OK, apart from the wild can easily make you lean into a lightning!
ray ban uk sale
Demonstration with: white primer shirt + jeans + high waist long coat + canvas shoes + Clutch + sunglasses ray ban uk sale

Lady Gaga, Rihanna is a fan of Holland House Sunglasses - ray ban aviators sale

Posted:22 November, 2014

Lady Gaga, Rihanna is a fan of Holland House Sunglasses.
Do not misunderstand, House of Holland is not from the Netherlands, but are really British brand, rooted in London this piece of fertile ground for creative, all the single items are full of personality but also with British humor.

From Lady Gaga, Rihanna Ode to one thousand Iraqi nationals goddess are House ofHolland sunglasses ray ban aviators sale fans.