Style of classic beauty color frame sunglasses necessary to pull the wind - ray ban sunglasses sale

Posted:29 August, 2014

Style of classic beauty color frame ray ban sunglasses sale

ray ban sunglasses sale

Simple and classic aesthetic framework for the continuation of Del Toro outstanding sense of design in footwear, color also offers dark tortoise, light tortoise and eye-catching cobalt optional.
Brand: Del Toro x Reds ray ban sunglasses sale

Name: SunGlasses Collection

Sunglasses protection index - ray ban sale

Posted:28 August, 2014

We should not forget protection index, which has a similar system and sunscreen, this index is set by the EU, ranging from the smallest to the largest protected: 0 index represents the glasses sunglasses ray ban sale are not just with a little color, index for 4 represents the greatest degree of protection, this index glasses ray ban sale are recommended when climbing, it can not be used because the color is too dark to drive, not even during the day can be. Now the biggest question is: Is the price increases will increase protection index? Vincent explained: "is not necessarily so, because you can spend 300 euros to buy a name brand sunglasses a protection index, you can also spend 55 euros to buy a common brand but protection index higher sunglasses ray ban sale".

Recommendation: sunglasses color should not be too deep - ray ban sale uk

Posted:26 August, 2014

Recommendation: ray ban sale uk color should not be too deep
In the case of Miss Lu, there are automotive professionals said, driving under the intense sun, the driver's eyes will feel tired, so many drivers will wear dark sunglasses to block the sun, eye protection, but because of the impact sight.
Therefore, we recommend that you driver friends, such as wearing ray ban sale uk driving sunglasses color should not be too deep, dark sunglasses eye can delay the time of the image sent to the brain, the visual sensory distortion delay caused by speed, so make the wrong driver wearing ray ban sale uk judgment. And studies have shown that too deep ray ban sale uk will extend the driver's reaction time to unexpected situations.

Minimalist Summer Beauty: sunglasses lips show - ray ban uk sale

Posted:25 August, 2014

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3 minutes can be beautiful out? Yes! Aside complicated eye makeup, lip color with a different mix of trendy sunglasses ray ban uk sale, the easiest summer makeup done soon. More importantly, even if the scorching sun, you do not have to worry about sweating dizzy makeup.

Sunglasses help you wear clothing oh Queen Fan - ray ban aviators sale

Posted:23 August, 2014

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You want to stand out from the street shooting, you should unique style single product enough, we caught sight of suck sunny times, small thermal recommended tassel style single product, not only was the design sense and personality, walking more wind, this black tassel style with big sunglasses ray ban aviators sale best range of children.