Cock wire counter-attack - sunglasses are fashion - ray ban sale uk

Posted:17 September, 2014

U.S. ophthalmologists using a spectrophotometer to detect light through sunglasses found cheap sunglasses ray ban sale uk can be one hundred percent the same block harmful rays, such as ultraviolet A (UVA) and ultraviolet B (UVB) and so on.

     Small partners to hear this news is not that great since we have the added Cock Sili is like sunscreen. Xiao Bian think this Cock wire sunglasses sunscreen, sunscreen lotion drink comparable year, sets of "face Gini" fly more!

America study said the effect of cheap sunglasses protect your eyes do not lose expensive sunglasses -ray ban uk sale

Posted:16 September, 2014

According to the Russian "Medical Tribune" News Network September 12 message, the American experts found that cheap sunglasses is not inferior to the expensive sunglasses, both to protect the eyes from sunlight affect the effectiveness is the same.
Today, sunglasses ray ban uk sale and a broad range of styles, from street stalls, pharmacies, kiosks, cheap stores, to expensive boutiques, in many places you can buy nice sunglasses. Sunglasses prices are not the same, many people believe that only expensive sunglasses to protect the eyes role.

We look for glasses Mistakes - ray ban aviators sale

Posted:15 September, 2014

8 and under low light does not hurt the eyes to read

     Perhaps the worst is to make you a headache.

     9 Remove contact lenses before bedtime

     If you wear contact lenses ray ban aviators sale to sleep, so the risk of infection will be expanded from 10 to 15 times.

Radiation how to identify genuine and fake it? - ray ban sunglasses sale

Posted:13 September, 2014

Third, the method can also be used to wear experience, after wearing radiation glasses will obviously feel the computer screen to bring glasses stimulus was reduced, obviously feel clear and natural, can effectively alleviate visual fatigue.

Fourth, due to the current radiation protection glasses of different brands, the quality of clearance radiation glasses, not only to prevent computer radiation, but also anti-UV and glare, such ray ban sunglasses sale only qualified, but now many manufacturers produce quality and but off, so the relative costs and prices are very low, many manufacturers at a low price promotions, or all sorts of concessions to induce consumers.

Display around us had our eyes serious harm - ray ban sale

Posted:12 September, 2014

It is because of our everyday life around them "not suitable light" substantial presence can not be avoided ray ban sale, the eyes appear dysfunctional energy phenomenon. Especially now that the light emitted by household or external lighting using LED lights and computer screens, which contains large amounts of high-energy short-wave blue irregular frequency of these short-wave blue light has a very high energy ray ban sale, able to penetrate the lens directly to the retina. Blu-ray irradiation of the retina produces free radicals, and these free radicals can lead to the decline of the retinal pigment epithelium, epithelial cells will lead to the decline of light-sensitive cells lack nutrients causing visual impairment, and these "inappropriate Light" is a big part of the loss of blindness in elderly - macular disease culprit.