Microsoft Google Google glass once school way -ray ban sale uk

Posted:24 January, 2015

But one thing is very clear, that is, Microsoft Google Google glass had learned the way, would like wearable device detonated and lit this fire. The ignition and before Google released Google glass blew through intelligent wear different industries place is smart wear industry has been detonated Google Google glass, so Microsoft did learn Google Google glass ray ban sale uk secondary detonation is detonated path wearable technology market.

Sunglasses emphasizes the unique charm of the strong man -ray ban uk sale

Posted:23 January, 2015

Because the glasses is the best embodies the best choice for modern men capable charm. South Korean actress Choi Daniel a white shirt with a dark blue suit jacket, wearing dark glasses, the whole shape of a formal neat lack of fashion.

Daniel Henney is also to emphasize the unique spectacle of a strong male charm. Glasses ray ban uk sale can be able to create the image, and then be able to create cool sunglasses bursting cold gas field.

Landy nine sewing needle facial injuries in a wheelchair wearing sunglasses appeared weak to speak -ray ban aviators sale

Posted:22 January, 2015

Landy nine sewing needle facial injuries in a wheelchair wearing sunglasses ray ban aviators sale appeared weak to speak for reasons of accidents, brokers said also to understand, the "yesterday that she dance to hit, just set in that three seconds, the camera must rocker when climbing up, you just hit. "Landy insurance program side has helped two million yuan, but is applicable to the scope of claims, still understand the.

Driving smart glasses with you anywhere on the way home - ray ban sunglasses sale

Posted:21 January, 2015

Portrait of good news, Canton Best Technology launched a specially designed for motorists to use the smart glasses, model K2, it is a stylish smart sunglasses. Equipped with high-quality proof TAC polarized lenses can effectively protect the eyes against the glare, the most attractive is that this collection of sunglasses voice control, smart touch, Bluetooth phone and other powerful features, allowing motorists to friends in the road while driving process more peace of mind security. K2 can be said is the first voice-controlled functionality ray ban sunglasses sale.

Google glasses vague position -ray ban sale

Posted:20 January, 2015

Vague position

While Google has been advertised Glass ray ban sale is a stylish, powerful technology products, but it does not always find their exact location, many application scenarios just sounds beautiful (such as voice control, video calls, navigation, etc.), but after a lot of technology is not yet mature in fact, it can not achieve a satisfactory user experience, so even if consumers buy Glass, a novelty in the past will be shelved.