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Posted:31 October, 2014

Tzukuri is one of a. The glasses ray ban uk sale uses a low-power Bluetooth module, with a smart phone software. In addition, the solar charge it allows its use anywhere. In addition to the location, the vendor plans to release this product in the next year's API, so that more developers will be able to participate in them, to bring more functionality to this spectacle.
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Smart sunglasses intelligent color, give you a different experience - ray ban aviators sale

Posted:30 October, 2014

5 o'clock in the afternoon, the sun fell on the windshield. At this point, I feel the sunglasses ray ban aviators sale in the car discoloration effect is particularly pronounced. I blocked with a finger in the beam stopper sunglasses computer chips, shabu, lenses moment shallow, sun glare immediately. I put on sunglasses usually use to compare, find intelligent polarized sunglasses color shade better than traditional sunglasses, vision clearer vision more comfortable.

Vicki blue shirt wearing sunglasses appeared Airport - ray ban sunglasses sale

Posted:29 October, 2014

October 29 reported that recently appeared in Shanghai Huang Long and her daughter's five-star hotel, but long overdue Vicki appears. Husband turned down business a relaxed nature Daddy wife, Vicki frequent appearances before the camera of course behind her husband's support and help. Recently Vicki alone appeared in the Shanghai airport. Wearing a blue shirt wearing ray ban sunglasses sale Vicki seemed an easy. Vicki began talking on the phone after off.

Look at those sunglasses with actress - ray ban sale

Posted:28 October, 2014

Yang Mi - sunglasses + hat + Lip Gloss

Yang Mi skill in the shape of the more recent issue, airport look are also the stars of the template. She appeared at the airport artifact with Fan Ye, almost, but the big power power charade is also small series to see through, although there are sunglasses ray ban sale hat "Asylum", but she never let go of lip makeup. A touch of red or nude color lipstick color can make her look better.

Glasses can help you create a different image -ray ban sale uk

Posted:27 October, 2014

Glasses ray ban sale uk can shape doctors, lawyers and other intellectual image capable charm, but also create the opposite image of women in rural areas.

Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara Following the 2002 in the SBS drama "Bright Girl's Success" in the Orchestra after a lapse of 12 years through the "Fated to Love You" work together again, so before the drama began broadcasting would attract everyone's expectations. There is no sense of drama plays Jang Nara, temporary staff extraordinary extreme "Jin Meiying."